My Escape Saved My Life!

On October 4th, 2011 another driver ran a stop sign as I was crossing the intersection in my 2009 Ford Escape. I am told that my car flipped/rolled twice due to the speed of the other driver and the impact being directly in the middle of the driver's side of my Escape. The car came to a rest on the passenger side of the car. I was wearing my seat belt - tucked low at the hip. I was fine! The side airbags deployed and I was without a scratch or broken bone. The inside of the car looked untouched! The car took the entire impact of the collision! THANK YOU FORD! I did want out of the car and used one of those tools that break a car window. You may already know, as I now do, that the front windshield is actually two shields of glass with a layer of a rubbery substance in between - The windshield shattered from top to bottom, but would not break. Amazingly, bystanders worked relentlessly from the outside and me from the inside on the windshield. Finally, one individual took what may have been a sledge hammer to the edge of the windshield on the driver's side. Another individual had obtained a metal folding chair (I assume from a nearby business) and they jammed the legs of the folded chair into where they had used the sledge hammer, getting about half of the chair inside the car and pushing on the other half of the chair (leveraged by the car) until they could peal back enough of the windshield to get me out! I had a few cuts from kicking at the windshield - I am not one to wait and don't like not being in control :). It has been a week and a half and each day I look back knowing how much I am blessed and how well I am doing compared to what might have been. I do miss my Escape as does our 15 year old son who had just obtained his permit in July- The Escape was totaled. We have always bought Ford cars (and one Mercury Monterey), mostly because my father-in-law is retired from the Ford plant in Sandusky, Ohio. We knew they were good cars. But, after the guy at the tow yard went over the damage to the Escape with us and explained the emphasis that Ford puts on safety, we now have a whole new perspective on buying only Fords. I look forward now, and am very thankful for the emphasis that Ford Motor Company puts on my family's safety. THANK YOU!