By Mark O.

At my old age I thought I never will have a car again, but when i saw the advertising in the TV for the ford escape, I'm I love!!!! I dreamed about the car, but 5 months pass until I went to the agent to get my dream car. For my surprise, I like how they talk pro and how they speak in my language because I speak Spanish, even they gave me a paper in Spanish which I lover that, good staff. Then less than 4 hours I drove out of this car dealership with a FORD ESCAPE!!!!!!!!! Also its my favorite color, Ginger Ale. I'm so happy to tell you my story. This was actually my Christmas present. The best present I ever had since I was young, my husband gave it to me; and so I love ford and love my car. Thank you very much for giving me a car less than 4 hours and thank you for the friendly staff.