In 1985 I owned my first Ford LTD, I paid $150.00. it took me from point A to point B. I sold it for a Ford wagon paid $900.00 it took care of me and my kids. In 1988 I bought my first spanking new Aero Star and loved it for eight years no problems and still a looker when I parted with it. Tried a Jeep in 1996 but went back to my most reliable make of vehicle. I got a Ford Escape 2006 Limited. I love the looks the color the reliability and I am envied by family members and friends. With the economy as it is as americans we should show our loyalty to a company that has shown us its loyalty and commitment in building cars that keep us safe and keep our enviroment cared for while being very reliable as long as we follow its maintenance requirements.
Love my Ford.
Celina Albone 2012.
David Bergeron 01/26/2012
Perfect words. Bout to buy a 2013 Escape as soon as it comes out. Only problem I'm seeing is the price tag for just wanting a tow package, 2.0 engine, and AWD...something that should be pretty basic in the Escape for what most people want out of a SPORTS UTILITY VEHICLE...