Love It!

By Joan H.

I come from a family of Ford owners and several of us own Ford Escapes, my last one was 8 years old but when I saw the new model, I knew I had to have it. I don't know where to begin, it is so comfortable to drive, it is light and responsive, really fun. I like the rear camera, touch screen and voice activation. I have a dumb phone and it works great with SYNC. In town I get 18 to 19 MPG and on the highway it is 26 to 27 MPG. I love how the wipers clear the whole windshield, the reclining rear seats and the hidden compartment in the floor of the back seat. I love the foot activated liftgate, it has come in handy many times. Sure, the clock stops once in a while and I have to reset it, but it is an easy fix. I can't say more than I love it.