Lifesaving Escape

By Tom B.

I felt compelled to send a quick note to you about my 2005 Ford Escape. I had owned that vehicle since 2007 and it always served me very well. Other than the usual wear and tear items, such as tires, brakes, I did not need to replace or have anything major fixed through 98,000 miles. I was always diligent about oil changes and keeping up with scheduled maintenance with it as well throughout the life of the car. It was a v6 with Awd and could always be counted on to get my family and I to and from our destination safely and reliably. The safety this vehicle provided was proven to my family and I on the evening of January 4, 2014 when, while coming home from a visit with family, we were struck head on by another vehicle that had lost control at roughly 45 mph. As you can imagine it all happened very fast but in my mind now it remains in slow motion. Our trusty Escape took the hit at the driver's side front fender area with the engine compartment absorbing most of the impact. All airbags were deployed (we had side curtains as well as frontal) and we were pinned against a guardrail. Of course we were all wearing seatbelts as well. It took some work to get out of the car due to the collision but we all safely got out of the car basically unharmed. When I went to inspect the vehicle the next day at the location where it was towed I was almost sick from the extent of the damage that the daylight revealed. Several people I spoke with, including the Service shop that it was towed to, remarked that it was just flat out amazing that nobody was seriously hurt or worse. It may sound corny but my Escape gave it's life to keep my family and I safe. I will be forever grateful to that car and Ford for the design that prevented this from being the disaster that it could have been if we were in a vehicle that was not so well built. That car, though sadly now totaled, will always hold a special place in my heart. While I have been a Ford guy all along (have owned 5, including one classic 1967 Mustang which was restored in early 2000 and I still own) I am now even more of a fan. I am not really sure why I decided to send this note but I just felt the need to thank you Ford for keeping my most precious cargo safe when we needed it most.

Warm Regards,  Tom Bowles
ali marei 01/22/2014
i love my ford..