Life Saver

My wife and I were coming back from a day hike on Rt 5 south from Waterboro, Maine into Lyman, Maine. My wife was sleeping and I was getting sleepy. I must have dosed off and woke when my wife shook my arm and said, "what happened?" I looked up and we were going off the road on my side heading for a clump of trees. I tried to jerk the wheel back to the road but the banking was too steep and the backend fish tailed down, I corrected to my left to keep from rolling and began hitting a row of trees along my side while heading towards 2 trees sticking out from the edge. Heading for the biggest tree, I cut hard to my side hoping we would hit the one the size of a telephone pole. We hit both trees head on. We had our seat belts on and all the air bags deployed. The car is totaled, I have a broken rib and we both have some whiplash issues. I have no doubt that we survived because all the safety features worked perfectly.