I'm Impressed With My Escape

By Ken F.

Lower radiator hose broke on my wifes ford escape this evening allowing all the antifreeze to leak out. She then called me to advise her Escape was making a knocking noise and shut down. I thought she cooked it!!! After allowing
it to cool down and repair the vehicle, I read in the owners manual that this vehicle has a safe mode, IF THE ENGINE GETS TO HOT, IT SHUTS DOWN PRIOR TO DAMAGE!!!!! AMAZING!!!! I replaced the clamp, topped off the antifreeze and the Escape runs like it did prior to today......Awesome, i'm a Ford fan for life!!!! I'm an appraiser for a insurance company, I pay to replace engines in vehicles all the time because people over heat them due to an accident and keep running them without knowing whats going on. AWESOME FORD, JUST AWESOME.