I Miss My Escape!!!

I am a researcher by nature and by training. I researched cars for months before deciding. The Ford Escape was perfect! It was safe, 4WD, could seat my whole family with room for stroller or dogs. We tried for months after to get financing- and couldnt. After going over seas for a few years, when we got back we were finally able to get one with a co-signer. I was so happy!! I didn't care about the color or the features or even the year. I just new I wanted a Ford Escape. I loved it! Six months later a drunk driver smashed into it, broke the front axle, frame, everything. The insurance totaled it. They paid off the loan, which was nice, but now we have no way to get another one. The rental company gave me a comparable car for a while, but I hated it. It wasnt an Escape. All I could do was compare every detail to that of the Escape, and the Escape won every time.
I live 30 miles from the nearest gas station or store, on dirt roads, with two small children. My husband is in the Army and takes our only vehicle (a beat up old clunker) to work with him. I miss my Escape. I can't wait until I can get another one. A green hybrid is my dream car!!!! It may take a while to be able to get another, but this car is definatly DEFINATLY worth the wait.