I Loved My Truck!

MY husband and I were looking for a dependable vehicle for me. I spotted the Ranger, test drove it,& fell in love with it. We were involved in a three Ford vehicle wreck several months later. We had it repaired, moved back to Georgia & I drove it until my husband wrecked his work truck. He took over the Ranger, which we had taken everywhere, on vacations, just everywhere. Ladder racks were put on my "baby" & I was coerced into a full size Ram. I did'nt like it, but that little Ranger was driven with over ONE MILLION MILES on her until my husband called one day & said she was not changing gears right & I told him to bring her on home. We parked her, w/intentions of restoring her. Sadly, my now _ex husband got her & her Windstar replacement. I now drive a 2008 Ford escape, which I dearly love & ex got a 1996 Ford F-150 4X4. i SAY THAT fORDS ARE VERY TOUGH & i THINK WE aMERICANS SHOULD BUY AMERICAM MADE VEHICLES!!!!!