I Love My Escaps

I own a 2005 Escape... bought it used in early 2006. I have driven it across the country from Oregon to West Virginia... from West Virginia to Las Vegas Nevada... from Nevada to Oklahoma... from Oklahoma back out to Nevada... from Nevada to Washington State and then back to Nevada... from Nevada to Alaska where I currently reside and have never had one single breakdown.

While living in Oklahoma someone slim jimmed my daughters vehicle and broke into it and sold her purse. They came back and attemped to do the same to my Escape... first trying the front drivers door and then the rear passenger door... to my delight they were unable to get in.

I want to thank Ford for making such a wonderful vehicle and to let them know that their locking system on the doors is old method "Slim Jim" proof! I can not think of anything I would wanted different about this vechile other than to add more insulation as to not hear the tire noise as much. LOVE MY FORD!