I Love My Escape 2nd Story

This is a add on story to my first story... I wanted to say that this vehicle is tough! I forgot to mention in my first story that all the trips I took with the exception of one I was towing behind a uhaul trailer. I towed a uhaul trailer behind my Escape from Las Vegas Nevada to Wailla Alaska up and down hills over some very rough areas and had no problem whatsoever.

Now just last winter in Alaska we had a record snow fall and the street snow plow drivers kept piling the snow up at the end of my driveway. Near the end of winter I had a two foot burm and my Escape went over the top of it like butter. I never got stuck even after we had four feet of unplowed snow piled up. I was impressed... When breakup came I had about a foot and half of mud and my Escape had no problem with this.

I have hauled everything a person could imagine in and on top of it. Last winter I hauled 19 pieces of sheetrock on top of it on the roof rack drove through two feet of snow and my Escape and rack had no problem with the weight! nor did it get stuck... Wow