Hero For Hayley!

As a mother of a 20 year old diabetic, I just really wanted to say Thank You to Ford for the ingenuity and braveness they are showing in this partnership.

Hayley has been diabetic since age 7, and when she hit the milestone of turning 16, and driving, it was such a difficult time for us to trust her driving. As time goes by, diabetics lose the ability to feel when their blood sugars drop off significantly. This worries us to no end, and yet, we realize the importance of Hayley feeling independent and needing to be able to do something we all take for granted, to safely drive her car.

She has no car! Trust me, if Ford needed someone to drive around, and bring awareness to your new venture, she's your lady!! (She's in the attached pic, the one in the middle)

Our family takes pride in being long time Ford owners and we trust the quality name you've made for yourselves, especially over the last few years, among your competitors.

Thank you, so incredibly much, for the article and please pass this along to anyone who matters at Ford--who is involved in this project...you are making history and lots of parents of diabetics are watching, and impatiently waiting.

Chris Lehrer
Menasha WI
Carl Cuchetti 07/29/2011
I thought the blood testing idea from Ford was a joke - until I read about Hayley's condition - thanks for making me understand.