Hauling The U.s. Mail

My dad worked for postal dept before ww11 after war became rural Mail carrier in our home town here In Vermont on a yearly basis like clock work from 1949 untill he retired in 1968 he purchased a new FORD to bring the mail to the people in this rural community and 4 seasons of weather were a challenge ,as a child the memorys of of going with him when we had to stop and dig snow out of the engine compartment are still with me today and i guess i followed suit with the Love of Fords. when i started driving my first new car was a 1970 mustang gt and have had nothing but Fords everysince Now that Older and a Little wiser drive a 2008 Ford Escape But My Mind is on a 2011 Mustang !!!!!!
Jackie P 02/16/2013
It is great to have all those wonderful memories and Mustangs are great as long as it fills the needs of the driver. What I really wanted to comment on is the statement about a FORD bringing the mail. I learned to drive in a Ford Pinto years ago and have owned several in my life. There are very few vehicles made today that are suitable for rural mail delivery. I live in the mountains of Southwest Virginia and the delivery routes are often very rough. It would be great if Ford would consider a moderate profile, four wheel drive, Cross-over or SUV with bench seats in the front. The conversion kits are hard to find and very unattractive and really, kind of unsafe. Having one of these vehicles made with FACTORY RIGHT HAND DRIVE would be even better! Maybe one of your engineers should visit a rural post office and take a tour! A lot would be learned about letter carriers and their jobs. This is a truly unmet need in the market today.