Ford Safety Reigns Again

I was involved in a wreck on Sunday, January 16, 2011 in my 2010 Escape. A lady ran a stop sign and hit me in the rear of my vehicle, causing me to do a complete 360 and roll my vehicle. The only injuries I sustained was a few scratches and bruises from the seat belt and curtain airbags. I am so glad that my Escape did exactly what it should do to protect me in this crash. I cannot commend the safety features involved enough and the sense of security I felt when my Sync dialed 911 for me to report the crash. My vehicle was totaled, but I came out with minimal damage. Thank you to everyone for making such a safe, dependable vehicle. I am now going to buy a 2011 Escape!
Walter Ross 05/21/2011
Please be on the lookout for an awesome testimony from me regarding my 02 Explorer. I mailed it yesterday (05-20-11) I think this is one that should be passed around. Sincerely, Walter Ross