Downsizing For Fuel Economy

A couple months ago I traded in my beloved 2008 Ford Explorer for a brand new 2010 Ford Escape Hybrid. Though I miss the Explorer's comfort and roominess, I'm very happy with the Escape Hybrid's fuel economy and comfort features. Nice little SUV.
Janis L 04/20/2012
Well I'm not real happy. I'm ready for a new car in the fall and had my heart set on a Ford Escape Hybrid (especially with the cool, new design). There won't be a hybrid. The only other one I may consider is the C-Max (hybrid), but price and size will determine whether I get one of those.
Alexandre L 04/17/2012
Great move!

We are so obsessed with confort and space that we forget how a car is supposed to be to a tool for going from A to B. If everyone drove Explorers imagine what the length of the traffic lines would be!
Brad B 04/04/2012
Hey Ford ! We did this in 2009 with an Escape as well. Haven't regreted it a time. We average on the road close to 32 mpg. We repeated this in 2011 with a Tuex/Blk SEL Fusion which does it's dern best to get 39 mpg from Dunn, NC to Lake Buena Vista Fla. We ride in comfort and wonder why in the world someone would buy a econo-box from Toyota or the others and not have the room, comfort, or style.
Michael S 03/07/2012
Downsizing for economy is good, not to say necessary. The 2010 Escape is still good looking as well.