Disappointed And Happy

When I first received my wifes Escape, I was HAPPY to see the vehicle with a great color
(Kodiak Brown). When I first drove the Escape I was HAPPY with the overall per- formance. When I first pulled into a shopping center I was Happy with the people I met saying what a great looking car the Escape is. When I first took my wife out for a spin I was HAPPY that she was HAPPY. Overall, a great vehicle. THIS IS THE DISAPPOINTING
AREA. I CAN'T GET OVER 15 MPG and I don't think a breakin period of 5,000 miles - as my service manager suggest will ever get me much over that if not the same . I believe the 2012 Escape Hybrid was a much better choice for me but, hindsight is poor judgement on my part. My last vehicle (V6 Olds Bravada) was getting 18 MPG .
If Ford brought a Hybrid back to the floor on the ESCAPE, I would surely strongly consider it at a reasonable price.
Brad B 11/01/2012
Hey Henry C ! Is your Escape a 2012 or 2013? If it's a 2012 with the V-6 you should expect maybe 20 to 22 mpg around town. Our Escape has the 2.5 I-4 and gets around 25 mpg in town and around 32 mpg on the road. Also having a heavy foot as I tell my wife can hurt. If I don't harass her to drive slowly she has too seen 15 to 16 mpg around town.