Design Problems

By Gene S.

First the clock looses time about every 2 wks.-the aver.mpg does not reflect miles to empty gauge-USB port location in console are exposed to dust and dirt-they should have some sort of cap/cover-USB pin can easily be damaged w/in use-console is very small and could be redesigned for more storage--Blind spot light on r/view mirror blends in w/followiong traffic--Blinking RED light would be easier to see at a glance--blind spots w/backing up-rear seat head rests-small windows-window in tailgate could be lower--the speedometer should be CENTRALLY located with larger no.s so you do not have to ""study"" the speed -gear shift indicator hard to see at a glance -diff. color[RED]-the same with the head light icon--ALL THESE should be able to see easily not look for- eyes on the ROAD not looking for gauges--I hope someone reads this--Thank You
Brad B 11/01/2012
Hey Gene S. I haven't had the clock losing time problems, but more of the problems seem to be those we've all experienced with getting the hang of a new vehicle with all the changes you're not used to having. I know my Fusion had many sub-systems that took about 400 miles of driving to get into with a new routine. Bliss was the hardest to get use to and completely trust. But we adapted.