Crashed 2007 Ford Escape

I would just like to share my story about my 2007 Escape. I was coming home from AC (completly sober) when my Escape lost a tire on the AC expressway ramp. I lost total control and was heading for a tree. I whipped the wheel to the left where the car sent me rolling 7x down the ditch, up the ditch and I landed on the other side of the Parkway.
The Escape was amazing. It did everything that it needed to do to keep me safe. The side airbags deployed perfectly and the top of the car did not cave in. It actually made like a trangle so my head would be sfe. I swear by this car and feel like if I was in any other car I would have been killed. I left the hospital with a band aid on my pinky. An ICU nurse witnessed the whole crash and her and the state trooper were completly shocked I was alive let alone okay. I can't thanks Ford enough. I will do anything for Ford to get the word out there how safe there cars are. Needless to say, when my insurance check comes, Ford here I come!
Gary S 08/26/2012
That's great news because I just bought a 2012 Ford Escape and so far I love it.
Don 07/26/2012
I know that tumbling feeling. I rolled my 1986 Bronco. I can't believe I walked away from it. That was some headache!