Bought Sight Unseen And Love It

I have a 2006 Base model. Bought it sight on seen 3 years ago. Was very skeptical (who buys a vehicel with out seeing it). Took me less than a week to fall in love with it. My canoe on top just adds to it's beaty and attitude. (That's right - ESCAPE from the civilized world). Seriously, It has been a remarkable 3 years. It has hauled tents and camping gear along with a back seat full of boy scouts and their gear. I am pushing 180,000 miles and i am responsible for 120,000 of those miles. It has not let me down yet. I love the gas mileage i get.

I like the Explorer too but it just a bit too big for me. It's too tall and bit harder to get the canoe on top.

As for the2013 Escape...I don't like the looks. I can't even imagine this new escape filling the shoes (or should I say wheels) of my 2006. Can you jsut picture a Canoe on it's top??? Just saying..... I am a bit disappointed would love to move up a few year but not to this one. It looks more like a crossover vehicle. There is enough of them out there. We don't need another. It just doesn't scream "LET'S ESCAPE AND EXPLORE THE BACKCOUNTRY"

My mom even likes to borrow my Escape. She loves the way it handles.