Bleeding Ford Blue

My family bleeds Ford blue. Currently we own three Mustangs, a Ford Ranger, and a Ford Focus ST. We used to own an Escape, two Ford Probes, a 03 Mach 1, another Ranger, plus we always buy Ford, it's not an option. My love affair with Mustangs began when I saw a picture of my dad with his '67 rag-top. Now I own a '68 convertible 302, he owns a '69 GT 351 4v, plus we share a 05 Tasca Cobra Jet GT with over 500 rwhp (picutred). We plan on purchasing the new 5.0! My mom loves her Focus, and my dad has always had Ford trucks. My first car was an '85 Mustang LX , and I've never looked back. Ford rules! I'm a school teacher for French and Spanish, and I teach car parts in the language using my Mustangs, so my middle school students can appreciate Fords too!