Baby Born In Front Passenger Seat Of Ford Escape

May 22, 2010 at 4:25 A.M. going 80 MPH on M59 and Adams Road my grandson was born in the front passenger seat of thier Ford Escape. My daughter reclined the seat took off her seat belt and the baby came. She cleaned out his mouth, held him on her chest and they proceeded to Troy Beaumont. Tyler and his parents are all doing great and he will be coming home today or tomorrow. Thank you for making a car roomy enough and safe enough to deliver my healthy new grandson.
Karlene Jelinek 06/11/2010
I was wondering if there was any store that I could purchase a model toy version of the Ford 2009 Escape in dark grey to give to my grandson to keep as a souvenier of his entrance into the world.

Thank you, Karlene