Amazing Brakes!!!

I bought my 2006 Ford Escape in September 2005. I now have 119,007 miles on it, and today was the first time I changed the brakes! Wow! You also need to know that in the last 30 years of driving, I have been “very hard on brakes”, so they’re not lasting this long because I’m babying them. I really hope Ford continues to make the brakes exactly as they did with this model.

Additionally, I have appreciated that Ford did not accept any bailout money—and I have taken every opportunity to preach about it, including guilting my brother into an Edge—but now I’ve added bragging about my brakes to my list of free advertising for Ford.

We are a Ford family, with an Escape, C-Max, Flex, Edge, several F-150s, F-250, and F-350 in the mix. I’m grateful that Ford continues to produce a quality product while adhering to true American principles.