A Horse Of A Different Color

By Mark K.

My 2003 Escape, aka A Horse With No Name, or simply Horse, surpassed the 250,000 mile mark in August 2013, and now a couple months later nears 255,000 after a near cross-country journey of 2,200 miles (the 14th of its kind)and 23 miles to the gallon of gas. Quite impressive for an old guy. Change the oil every 3,000 or so miles, rotate the tires, made sure fluids stay level and I've had continued performance. Couldn't be happier.
Brad B 10/25/2013
Hey Ford ! A horse with no name, how about a dependable old friend named ... Trigger. Always ready to go when you are, ready to help when needed, and ready to sacrafice his life to save yours in the event of an accident. And remember Roy Rogers wouldn't have been squat without Trigger. And remember these tried an true tales from an old cowboy I knew named Wild Bill Campbell ... 1- always drink upstream from the herd, 2- never look straight up atta bird, 3- if you get bucked off, get back on, and 4- don't squat with your spurs on ! Bill went on to his last roundup nearly 40 years ago, a Texas Ranger (you don't ever retire from that he said) and a good friend. So name him Trigger, or you can use my wife's horses name ... Jake.
Bob E 10/24/2013
I own a 2003 Ford Escape, and absolutely love it. I recently test-drove a 2013 Escape. Compared to my 2003 version, I was quite disappointed in the new one. 1. The rear window doesn't open. I use that window in my Escape a lot to load cargo. 2. The console removes a lot of room that my Escape has. I found there is less side leg room in the 2013 because of the length and design of the console. There's also less room for small things like a purse, snack bag, etc. A steering column-mounted shift selector is just fine by me...I don't need the console-mounted one. 3. The design and shape of the A-posts restricts vision in that area as compared to my 2003 model. I felt like I kept wanting to move around to see better. 4. I feel there is too much info displayed on the dash. Between the gauge panel and the Sync screen, I was constantly distracted. I like the fuel calculator, but it should be something one can choose, rather than a constant distracting display. Personally, I don't need the Sync system...I listen to the radio, I have a GPS, and I don't use a phone while driving. 5. On the plus side, the Eco-Boost engine is peppier than the V-6 in my Escape. I do like the individual temperature controls. I hope things are improved by the time I am ready to buy a newer vehicle, because I definitely will not buy one of the current models.