2012 - Hit By A Semi

On July 28, 2012 at about 11:15 AM. Me and my 14 year old son stopped at the first toll booth on the HE Bailey Turnpike coming from Oklahoma City, OK headed to Lawton, OK. While at a complete stop at the toll booth, I reached to the back and grabbed my purse to pay the toll. While looking for my money I heard the toll booth employee shriek "look out" followed by the sound of a horn honking. I then looked in my rear view mirror and saw a semi truck headed toward me and it was coming fast. I tried to press the accelerator but it was too late. The semi smash the rear back passenger side of my truck and force me into a concrete barrier on the drivers right side. My truck recoiled as did the semi and he smash us again pinning us between the concrete barrier and the semi truck. The air bags deployed immediately. I checked my son to make sure he was okay, he was shaken up and i began to pray with him. I got my composure and got out of the vehicle. I asked him again was he okay and if he could get out and he told me he could. Upon looking around the cab of the truck i was not prepared for what i was about to see. The front of my escape was completely smashed and the rear of the my escape sat on top of the hood of the semi, completely smashed as well. I could hear people asking if we were alive and the driver of the semi hysterically saying "i am glad that i did not kill them". i could hear others saying i cant believe they are walking around. I walked around to the passenger side and saw my truck sitting on the semi. I went back to the drivers side and told my son i was going to get him out on my side. He unbuckled his seat belt and i helped him to the ground. I heard someone say that the driver stated that he was driving between 65 and 75 miles per hour. He thought that he was in the pike pass lane and that he had dropped his cell phone and was looking for it. 911 was called and we were taken to the ER. When we left the emergency room the doctors and nurses could not believe that the wreck was not fatal. I believe that through the grace of GOD and a really safe vehicle that me and my son is still alive. I will drive a Ford Escape forever. Thank you God and thank you Ford!

Natalie Cooper
Toretto J 08/01/2012
Glad this family is safe and alive . That's a well built SUV !