Safety Beyond Compare.....

In 2003 I purchase a new Excursion Eddie Bauer. It was the best Ford truck I had ever owned. With 4 kids and a 31' travel trailer to tow it was the perfect vehicle for my family. I purchased my first Ford in 1986, a new Escort and have owned over 20 Fords since that time. All of my vehicles have been reliable and owned with very few complaints.

In January of 2007, I put the safety ratings of my Excursion to the ultimate test. While driving to work on a cold Janaury morning in Michigan, I hit a patch of black ice and spun out several time. This in itself should not have been a big issue, until I hit the shoulder of the road and encountered a steep enbankment with no were else to go. I rolled over my truck going 55 mph on the ice off the steep embankment. The impact of rolling over was centered on the drivers side front side and the cabin. I was lucky to be alone in the truck that day. Once the truck came to a stop, I was hanging upside down, buckled into my seatbelt. I was able to unbuckle, open the door and crawl out, with only a minor bruise. My truck was totaled and everyone that attended the scene of the accident was sure I would have been hurt badly. My truck was so far off the road it was not easily visable to passing motorist.

I credit surviving such a serious accident to the excellent quality and high safety ratings to my Ford Excursion. I miss my truck to this day and still have 3 Ford's in my driveway.

Hoping to add a 2011 Explorer to my driveway soon.

A greatful Ford Owner,

Danielle Boote
Pinckney, MI
Wayne 10/10/2010
A TRUCK saved you, and the 2011 Explorer is a Taurus-based CAR, not a truck. Better go for a SuperDuty instead.