My Ford Saved My Life While I Was Laying On The Ground Next To It!

11/22/2010 Big freezing windy snow storm in the Pacific Northwest. After 3 attempts at backroads to get home (2+ hours going nowhere) I was making progress down a road I know well. I had already used a tow strap to pull two trees out of the way for a full school bus. I came to a large fir tree in my path. I turned around and backed up to it to clear the road. Hooked my tow straps onto it (it was around 9pm and dark) as I was walking back to the Excursion I heard another tree falling (40-60mph wind as reported). There were no lights within sight of me except my headlights and I couldnt tell where the tree was going. I dropped down to the ground next to the Excursion - making myself thin as I could. Maybe a second later I heard it hit. I got up intending to finish, jumping inside I felt glass, it wasnt running anymore. I tried to start it - I could see nothing - I figured I had some debri on the hood - it wouldnt start or do anything! Someone I didnt know came running up and said lets get out of here! I left everything there and took off.
The next day, I loaded up equipment and headed back to check on it and get it home. The 30 min drive took 2+ hours around closed roads, down power lines and cars all over the place. What I found amazed me. Thanks Ford for building a good, heavy rig! I am thankfull to be alive and wishing you still built Excusions. I traded my 2003 in for one of the last 2005's and minimized its use to be able to keep it as long as I could... Excusions have been my favorite vehicle for years. wont take my photo(s).... ):