My Excursion Saved My Life

On a Febuary day, as I was heading to an appointment, my life took a surprise turn. It was a wintery day with some wet road conditions. I was travelling on Route 517 heading toward Hackettstown NJ. I was a very safe distance behind the vehicle in front of me, so I thought. The van in front of me begane to loose control and swerved into oncoming traffic. His action caused a collision with an oncoming car, causing that car to cross into my lane and started comming at my Excursion head on. Thats the last thing i remembered until comming to!!I saw I was facing the side of the road and watching my air bags deflate. It was my daughters voice calling me from the seat behind me that pulled me out of a defining white light of unconciousness. This was when I reallised we had been in a pretty bad accident. i believe because of the size and safety features of the Excursion, it had saved our lives. We were injured but alive.
My biggest heartbreak after being backboarded to the hospital and released later that day, was the fact that my Pride and joy, My Ford Excursion was destroyed. Knowing I could never afford another one and knowing that this Vehicle was no longer being made. I have to face the reality that because of my fixed income i may never own another vehicle, at least none as strong and luxurious as this was. It was a big loss to me, and in my eyes would have had many more years of service. Every Ford I have owned has given me at least 300,000 miles, and I had not expected any less from this one!
Suzanne B 10/10/2012
Wow! Now I know why I feel so safe with my babies (ages 14-49 ;-) in my 01X! FORD! If you are listening...Please buy this lady another X...Fred Beans of Boyertown could find her one and it would make great advertising ;-)
Dave Walsh 03/22/2011
Thanks for sharing your unfortunate story. I'm glad to here you and your daughter will be ok. We have an 04 EB 4x4 Excursion i bought for my family of 6. i bought it for it's size /space and this very reason. I thought it would protect my family if God forbid something simular would ever happen. Good to know it did it's job... Again thanks for sharing. MD