Lucky To Be Alive

I have a story about my Ford Pickup. On Saturday January 5th my family and I were on a return trip from Minnesota to Georgia. While on this trip we were whited out by snow due to an 18 wheeler going way to fast. We hit a patch of ice and did a 180 and hit the snow in the median resulting in a 1 1/2 roll. My wife and our 4 children are all fine. I received minor scratches due to the accident. My pickup is totaled out, but I firmly believe that my family nor myself wouldn't ne here to day if it weren't for my 2000 Ford Excursion. Due to the accident money is a little tight but I can promise you and anyone reading this that I will buy another Excursion. I want to thank you Ford for making a quality Suv that my family enjoyed and are alive today due to. Thank you!