Family Of Fords

My family has always loved Fords. When i turned 16 I took my drivers test in a 1993 Ford F-150. The first car i bought was a 2000 Ford Focus and that is where my love of Fords began. Following that purchase I have since bought a 1989 Ford Taurus SHO which I use as a track day car, and i also own a 1991 Ford Ranger which I use for the snow in the winter. If that isnt enough proof that I love Fords maybe the fact that my mom and dad own a 2007 F-150, 2000 Ford Excursion and a 1990 Ford Ranger. My brother will be turning 16 in a few years and he cant wait to get his own Ford! Altogether we currently own 6 Fords and we wouldnt trade any of them for any other kind of car. The picture i provided only shows 5 of our Fords.
Suzanne B 10/10/2012
LOL! We must be related! 01X, 01 Escape, 05 F-250, 05 Mustang, and looking for an 88-? F-150 for 16 yod son! Started out with 70 Mach 1, 2000? wagon, 89 F-150, 05 F-250 ;-) Now if I could just get as beautiful a family picture as yours!
Lazaro Leal 06/16/2011
that is awesome i own a ford excursion and i love it
Justen Thompson 03/04/2011
beautiful! talk about a family picture!