Having grown up a fan of Ford trucks and the early Bronco, I finally purchased a 1976 Bronco to use as therapy after my wife lost her battle with cancer. I have had some fun getting it in running order and I have gone crazy as well. I have the body work mostly done and it is running better. I still have so much I want to do and I'm changing my idea's every week it seems (LOL). I can't wait until this is ready (in my opinion) . I hope you enjoy some of the pictures i have.
Juston Preble 10/07/2011
You have great taste! The old Broncos were Iconic... Ford should revisit this segment...
Fred Golden 09/27/2011
Great looking Bronco!

I would be searching the junkyards for a 302 that will give it fuel injection, so driving off level will not give the carb problems. And a lot more horsepower!

Randy Wickman 07/18/2011
great looking rig, long live the classic Bronco!!