The First Of Many

When I was 16, my dad had just shut down a remote office. He owned a company that serviced natural gas wells, and the market had turned. With the shutdown, the foreman's vehicle was sent to our office in West Virginia. It was a dark Brown 1984 Ford Bronco with a tan stripe and tan top. It was a six banger with four on the floor, rubber floors and cloth seats. It was filthy when I got it, but after hours of cleaning, it was like new. There was no AC, but it did have an AM/FM radio (no cassette), and power nothing except steering. I loved it! It had 166,000 miles on it, but ran like a top....well maybe a top that couldn't go much over 55 mph. I wasn't allowed to take it out of town, so eventually it was sold when I went to college. I drove a couple Dodge pickups, but as soon as it came time for me to buy my own car, I bought a Bronco. I ran a little used car dealer in Morgantown while in college, and always had a Bronco has my driver. I must have owned and sold 10 in those two years, including a 1968 which was AWESOME. When I graduated, I went and bought a '96 XLT. The last one I owned was a '95 with 156k miles on a 351. I wish Ford still made the Bronco, but now I drive a 2010 F-150 SuperCrew FX4 (my second since I bought the 2004). I'm so happy to see Ford making the product it makes today, and without the bailout by the taxpayer, and without letting the government run it. It truly is the American Truck.

Tom Keeley
Ford Driver since 1992.