The Awesomeness Of Ford!

We decided to go play in my new mudding machine, and like many times before, were having a blast as we would field and trail hop just trying to get stuck, because we all know getting unstuck is just as fun when crazy friends and their ideas are involved....It had gotten late, so we decided to hit one more field on the way to waffle house for an in the middle of the night breakfast craving. All excited about really giving this old flooded out field all kinds of heck, we floored the beast, boldly going where no escaped mental patients have gone before , mud flying everywhere, huge rooster tails flogging us and everything around, water coming in the rolled down windows, yeah you know the feeling, hehe, great times....until suddenly the whole truck comes to a complete, sudden, mind blowing, jerk yo mamma from the grave stop! the wholw rear of the vehicle had lifted off the ground and re-positioned us 180 degrees out before slamming back down on all fours... hehe fun times came to an end fast! After checking the vehicle out it seemed ok and was drivable, so we put it back in four wheel drive and eased out through the thick mud and muck. As soon as the truck hit the road to safety, we heard the sound of what a continuous ignition start sounds like as the starter grinds on the fly wheel..This was not the problem however..even more crazy was that the entire transfer case housing had split all the way around separating it from the engine by 2 inches.... Been a Ford guy ever since! Took that kind of punishment and damage but still got us to safety! At least where a tow truck could find and help us!
Brandon S 09/26/2012
Another Built Ford Tough story. This one brings me back to high school. I've wanted a Ford Bronco for almost 20 years. I think it's about time to go get one. Thanks for the trip down memory lane
Jeramy F 09/25/2012
It was late when writing this forgot to mention it was a tree stump the weeds were hiding that i hit.....