By Dade D.

I have a 1973 Ford bronco that my dad bought for me when i was three years old from a local owner and i can remember driving in the mountains with the truck and having a ball. after a few years we put her away hoping one day we could work in her together, well that day came on my fourteenth birthday wow i was excited i dove her though the fields around the house with my dad in the passenger seat (thats how i learned to drive) laughing as we drove recently we restored her with new floor, brakes, paint, seats, lights you name it we did it together we built a truck and cant explane how nice that was thank you Ford for a truck that i will always enjoy with my dad.
Tony V 03/13/2012
Nice looking rig. I had a 74 which I repainted copper and brown. It was a yellowish orange. I sure wish I had it but I do have my 1st. car, my classic 66 Mustang. You can't have them all, or can you?
Randy Wickman 05/03/2011
Great story and great looking rig! be proud!