Old N Tough But Ford Blue

I entered a picuture of my 1973 Bronco for an entry for the Raptor Challenge. It was a tough decision to pick a picture of just one of my Ford Vehicles. My deceased Grandfather was the Parts manager of the local dealership when I was growing up, he was known for being able to remember part number without looking them up, and I have grown up with the same passion for Ford Vehicles as him. I have had a 97 F250, 02 F250, 98 Escape, 73 Bronco, and 77 Bronco. I currently have a 12 FX4 Super Crew and a 11 Escape. I also work for local Sheriff's office, the first vehicle I was issued was 96 Caprice, I quickly worked out a trade for a 97 Crown Vic. Since that car I have had a 00, 04, and 2008 Crown Vics. I currently have a 2013 Interceptor Utility. Ford Blue runs in my family as well, as there are 6 other Ford vehicles among the immediate members. In my opion, old or new it just needs to be Blue Oval.