Old Beauty Still Kickin

my bronco (old Betsy) has A 4.9L 6l 1bb carb with a 4 speed manual trans with 84,000 original miles. It has about 120 hp with amazing 250 fps of torque . she is one of the best broncos Ive owned, after all these years she still kickin'. I wheel her with the big boys like jeeps with fancy lifts and big tires. Luckly it has a granny gear with a low range transfer case with 4.10s gear ratio in the axles.
Nicholas o 12/11/2012
ya i Wheel her even know she looks good but I cant help it its so damn good off road! :)
chris 12/02/2012
You always end up regretting it when you sell a Bronco. A true classic. i just bought my third. It's a 96 Eddie Bauer all original and in beautiful shape. Never selling this one.
RICK S 11/23/2012
One of the most underappreciated Fords. I had a '92, to get it stuck was harder than getting it out!! Don't ever sell it, like me you will regret it.
Rick S.
Richard S 10/28/2012
That is a nice Bronco! I can't believe how clean it is with you wheeling it.