My First 4x4

I am a native of Casper, Wy. Our winters back then seemed to last a lifetime. I owned a 1974 Malibu Classic, with an automatic transmission,which my husband selected to upgrade from our 1969 Olds 442 with a manual transmission. The chevy would get stuck on any flat slick road. After the frustration of having a line of cars behind me that would not give me any room for rocking back and forth, I checked out an add for this 1978 Bronco. The owner had just gotten laid off his job at Ford. The vehicle had 678 miles on it. He was willing to take by Malibu as a trade with some cash. I made the deal and then told my husband. (he already had is 4x4)
My husband was NOT a ford fan, but he did end up putting a Warn Winch on the front and would use the vehicle for elk hunting with his buddies (more passenger room)
He took that Bronco into the back country up by Jackson, Wy where only the true horses should go. He forged creeks and climbed mountains with it.
For fun in the summer, we would go 4-wheeling with another couple in the sand hills north of our town! What fun!! The Bronco and competing full size Blazer climbed, topped, turned around and came back down. We had a blast!
I passed the Bronco down to my son (he was so proud of it) and he drove it for several years. It was one of the best Ford 4 wheel drive vehicles that was ever made!!