Kickin It Old School....

Being a lifelong Ford guy i was looking for my next project. After having a couple "early" Broncos when I was younger, I thought this was meant to be. I started looking locally and found my '73 Sport on Ebay not too far from my home. After some shrewd baragining it was all mine. These awesome 4x4's have an almost cult like following. I have met many, many friends through various get togethers and websites. I belong to a local club, BONES or Bronco Owners North East States. We have a get together every year in central Massachusetts, as this year will be our 5th annual. Last year we had over 50 earlys in attendence. 2011 marks the 45th year for the Bronco and I plan on attending more events in honor of this milestone. Thanks for building a timeless classic like the EARLY BRONCO!
Ashley Goode 03/31/2011
Nice! Looks like a fun ride!
Randy Wickman 02/04/2011
thank you...long way to go but love every minute of driving it. Slots are out there to be had....
brian 01/26/2011
Nice bronco! Love the slot wheels, I am looking for a set for my 77 resto