I Will Never Sell My Bronco

By Eric K.

I bought my first vehicle back in February of 2010, a beaten down but not out 1993 Ford Bronco. The previous owners had neglected her and I knew she was gunna need a lot of work but after I drove the truck around the block I knew I had to buy it. After handing the guy $800 he gave me the keys and I drove away with the biggest smile I've ever had on my face. Here I am a year later with a strong running truck that I will have for the rest of my life and a few months ago I decided to make it official with a Bronco tattoo on my back. (I hope Ford doesn’t mind) I know that if I’m there for my truck she going to be there for me, right now there’s 186K miles on a strong 351 Windsor and she’s just begging for more. Eventually the whole truck will be brought back to the condition she was in when she left Wayne, MI. It’s hard when your 19 and scrapping pennies together but I know I’ll have a whole lifetime to bring the truck to the condition I want her to be in. There will be other cars and trucks in my future drive way but there’s always going to be a 1993 Ford Bronco parked in the garage.
Jessica B 08/26/2012
I thought I was the only one that felt this way about my Bronco! I just bought a 91 Bronco Silver Anniversary Edition about 2 months ago for $1,000! This is my first vehicle. Only about 3,000 of this kind were made. So mine is very rare. There is 156,000 miles on her but she still goes strong and 4x4 works great! A few minor things here and there but I’ll take them as they come! I love my truck! I named her Betty Lou!
Patrick 11/22/2011
I have a 95 Bronco with 311000 miles on it. It is the most amazing vehicle i've ever driven, and i will keep driving it until the engine dies. Hopefully when that happens i'll be able to fix it up with a new engine
Tyler 04/06/2011
I have a 1964 Falcon,I think it's a great first car,and i will be more than happy to get a Falcon tattoo
David Lopez 02/27/2011
i have a 2002 Taurus wagon so i guess my tattoo needs to be a bull. Well I do agree that this is my last car I'm gonna buy as well. Right now it has 85K miles. Maybe at 185K I'll get that bull on my back. Certainly cause for celebration.