How I Got My Bronco

In November of 2011, I decided that it was time for me to stop depending on my moms 2008 Ford Escape and get my own vehicle, so i cashed some savings bonds, and went to a used car lot dealer. Immediately i noticed a used Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, and tried talking with the dealer about it. They rejected me because my down payment of $500 wasn't enough on a $4000 car. With $500 cash burning a hole in my pocket, I decided to look on craigslist for used cop cars, older crown vics, some older ford trucks, and came across a listing for a 87 Bronco for $900 the listing said it was in running condition, but needed a battery and gas. I called the guy and got him to go down to my price so we agreed on a date to meet up and trade. When i got there the truck started almost immediately, we looked around, I knew it was going to need work but i didn't know how much. I went around the block to fill up the tank. At the gas station, after i filled up the tank, it refused to start, so i took a walk around to try and see what was wrong, little did i know that it had been sitting for more than 2 years and i got old gas into my engine and my tank had an small rust hole so the new gas i put in was leaking out, so i pushed it away from the pump into a parking spot directly in front of me. I called my dad he got AAA to tow it, but we needed to call the fire department to clear the truck for towing. in the end i needed a new tank, lines, all 5 tires, passenger window, front drive shaft, power steering pump, water pump, a few radiator lines, ect valve, new paint. But it was all worth it. I love my Ford Bronco, I've been saving up since then, and i'm planning to get the new 2013 Ford Fusion when i can afford the down payment.
john m 08/28/2012
keep the bronco, it's already a classic. and cheaper than buying new. i believe in fixing them and restoring them. at today's prices it's cheaper to keep the old one's going.
This story about the Ford Bronco was great
Jarold S 05/06/2012
Enjoy the Bronco. I have an 86 Bronco and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Excellent trucks. Good find.