Ford Quality, Ford Tough.

I've been a Ford owner for almost all my life. My first Ford was a 1979 Bronco that I bought as second owner. I had that until 2011, and only fixed/repaired/rebuilt things on it because I wanted to turn it into a monster off roader. My next ford was a 1993 Ranger. I finally sold that truck in 2009, after putting 418,552 miles on it as the first owner. Only major repair was my fault, as I was so confident in the truck that I started using it as a full sized....and found that it was not as heavy a hauler as an F-250...but it still tried. My thrid Ford was a 1995 Tarus. I gave that to my best friends son after putting over 300,000 miles on it, and it ran like a top for another year, until a drunk driver T-Boned him...and the saftey features on the Taurus saved my pseudo Nephew's lfe. The police, doctors and rescue folks all said the same thing....if the airbags had not deployed and the crumple zones not worked, that kid would not be alive today. As it is, he walked away from it with just some broken ribs. My most recent Ford is my current family car... bought it new in 2000. Ford Expedition. Over 200,000 miles on it so far, and no problems. Change the oil. Change the fluids. New Tires. Tune up. Just get in, and drive. Day before Christmas a guy in a white Chevy 2500 rearended my wife while driving. On board were my wife and both of my sons. Back end of the Expedition is toast. All three of the most precious things in my life, however, were unhurt. Almost unjarred, even. And in spite of the massive amount of damage, the Expedition limped the 25 miles home and is now in the shop awaiting a rebirth. Ford Quality. Ford Tough. Those are not just words. Those are creedo's that the Ford Motor company have proven over the last 30+ years for me. Lives saved. Constant Reliability. Dependable members of my family. These are the ideals that Ford has created for me, and my family, in regards to those crafted pieces of metal and plastic. Yet for all of their being mechanical things, each one has been a trusted member of the family, fondly and reverently talked about and remembered. Thank you, Ford Motor company. Thank you for saving the lives of those close to me. Thank you for building dependability. Thank you for showing the world that quaility can still be had. Just... Thank you.