Ford For Life

Between my wife and I we have owned many different makes over the years but it has been strictly Ford for the past 15 years for the 2 of us and 28 years for me. We have had a Capri, 3 Broncos, Explorer and now we have a F150 4X4 and a MKX. My 1987 Bronco had 223,000 miles when I finally got rid of it for the F150. It still ran good, didn't burn oil, other then standard maintenance I never touched the engine until 169,000 miles when I had to replace the starter. It outlasted a 1985 Nissan 300ZX that my then fiance had. A friend of mine in Houston had a 1986 F150 with 363,000 miles before he finally got a new one. Over the years we also owned a Dodge, Chevy and Volkswagen. We had problems with each one well before we should have, especially the Dodge. We gave chances to the others but they blew it. Strictly Ford products for us.