Ford Family For Life

My wife and I have been long time Ford owners ever since we got our drivers licences. My wife started with a hand-me-down 68 T-Bird, then to a 82 Escort, and then to a 85 Bronco II. I was influenced at an early age when my uncle bought a 67 Cougar & I loved that car. I knew when I could drive I wanted one, unfortunately I didnt get a Cougar, I started out with a 70 Mustang I bought from my next older brother, then to a 69 Mustang, and then to a 68 Mustang GT which I bought from my same brother that I bought the 70 mustang from. This is where we met, my soon to be wife with the Bronco II & me with the 68 Mustang GT. After the Bronco II my wife got a brand new 94 Explorer Sport, & then a brand new 99 Explorer Sport which she still drives daily now with almost 209,000 miles on it. We kept the 68 GT & it became a weekend driver for about 5 more years & I purchased a 96 Ranger 4X4 which I kept for 6 years until it got totaled out in an accident where I only got a few scratches. I then purchased a 2000 Ranger which is my current daily driver with 143,000 miles. We also own a 69 Mustang and a 65 Mustang Fastback which we are currently restoring, so we are a Ford family.