Following In Dads Tracks

By Jeff B.

This old girl has been in the family longer than I have. My dad bought it back in 1971, a mere 16 months old when a guy traded it in on a 3/4 ton ford truck. The Bronco was plenty capable of pulling the horse trailer the guy needed it for, but the lighter weight made it no picinic to stop! When my dad test drove it, he knew after the first 50 feet out onto the road that she was comin home with him. It was the first of eventually four Broncos that he owned(two 69's and two 73's). This Bronco is very special to me because I came home from the hospital the day I was born in it! I've been on the road, in the mud, in the snow and on the beach in this Bronco both while my mom was pregnant with me and after she had me! Jump ahead a handful of years to the point that my daily driver was an 89 5.0 that really didn't get along well with snow, which brought up the issue that I had always wanted a Bronco of my own. Dad came to me with a proposal that was an unexpected dream come true. Dad signed the title to this Bronco over to me with one agreement, if I ever loose interest in it, I had to give it back....DON"T HOLD YOUR BREATH DAD!!!! It didn't look like this when I took possession, but I saw what it would look like one day. Every drop of blood, sweat, and tears(and a few newly created swear words) along the way done by me to make what you see here. Thanks Dad!
Jeff Breckenridge 09/21/2011
Sorry Josh, not video at the moment. I will say that the late model 5.0 Mustang motor under thee, along with headers and Hookers Aero Chambers....makes it presents well known.
Josh 07/08/2011
is there a video anywhere of a walk around and under the hood and with the truck revving
Randy Wickman 07/05/2011
nice story!
Randy Wickman 07/01/2011
AWESOME!! you should bring that beautiful truck to Bronco events and show it off. Secondly, I really love the slots! No doors though?