Father/daughter Ford Family

I was born in 1971, I was brought home in my dad's 64 Falcon. My grandpa must have been a Ford man too with his; LTD, the Monarch, Granada...I was little and I can't remember all of them !

Over the years we tractor pulled with a 351 Cleveland and a 460 Ford engine in my dads home-made, souped up garden tractors. We drag raced a Ford Pinto wagon. My dad was known as a Ford man thru and thru. My first car was a Cougar.

We had countless Fords; a '79 Cobra Mustang, a Bronco, a Bronco II, a red pick-up, a black pick up with stripes, a 68 Ford pick up, a 1948 Ford Coupe (that was an awesome car!), a Ford Fairlane, a couple different Thunderbirds...In the end and I say the end and you will know why...we ended up with a 1994 Mustang, a Ford Ranger and the 68 Ford pick up.

In 2006 on my birthday my son and me went to see my parents. I took a ride in that Mustang, we laid rubber on our road just as Dad had done many, many times. We asked my son if he'd like to go for a ride, he declined. My dad passed away early the next morning. I never talked to him again but I will never forget the look on his face that day just like many other days with his eyes shinning and his voice excited telling me for the millionth time how he was going to make this Ford faster!

At the funeral I was strong enough to get up and delliver a eulogy and mention that Ford-loving man. We drove that same Mustang in the funeral procession and drove by the house and laid rubber once more. My cousin who also had a Mustang left her mark at the cemetery.

I wasn't lucky enough at the time to own a Ford but this year late January I got myself the best birthday present ever! 2005 Ford Mustang convertible. My son at 13, anxiously awaits that 68 Ford pick-up that Grandma is hanging on to for him. While my mom proudly drives the Ranger. I know my dad is smiling down on this, it is a closeness that everytime I get in my Mustang I think of my Ford man! Thanks Dad for a great tradition! Thank you Ford!