Build New Bronco Concept Off Gen 1

By B C.

My father owned the "original" Gen 1 Bronco. We had the best time off roading on the family ranch.
It was scratched up and covered with mud from our adventure and a true joy.
A " Simple" new value engineered Bronco.
Scaled like Gen 1 for Off road & Ranch. No Tech non-scents product.
The market would support you.
David J 01/30/2013
PLEASE build this new Bronco. I could go for that in a heartbeat! Tha'ts exactly what I have been waiting for.
Paul A 12/13/2012
I love the Raptor, but do I really need a big truck? I have been toying the idea of rebuilding a 69-70 Bronco, but "who has the time". I need something reliable that I can drop the kids off to school in, that will also get me out to my favorite camping spot. "Ford I am begging you to build this Bronco"! I am tired of all the glorified station wagons roaming around.
Victoria T 10/23/2012
yeah i love bonco's have a bad fetish for them. if ford were to bring back the bronco----please dont let it look like the hummer went---EEEEIIIWWW!!!!! and dont let is scream "PLASTIC"
DrLou 10/22/2012
This concept Bronco is another great idea that Ford let die. Too bad.
Jamie S 09/05/2012
I would love one..
Richard T 08/31/2012
Yes you are right. The Bronco community has been waiting for Ford to release a new Bronco ever since this photo and others were released. Come on Ford get with the program.