Bronco Owned The Blizzard

We had a nasty blizzard that left people stranded in their vehicles that were not found before the military convoys had been pulled of the road. Knowing there was more people out there my brother the Bronco and I went out to rescue folks. The Bronco handled the roads like a champ pushing through some drifts that were 4 feet tall. After the winds died down I yanked a Ford Ranger off of a six foot snow bank that was in the middle of the road so two stranded guys could get home.

The Bronco is a beast it handles snow and ice without breaking a sweat. You need to bring the Bronco back because mine is getting old and deserves to be retired to fun duty but that won't happen till I can find a replacement.
Rob Ward 08/19/2010
The bronco is an outdated design, it was built in a time when ford was in the business of building capable SUV's designed to be able to handle any situation that came at it, not jsut 99%. It was designed for the mud first road second, I own one and it is a beast. I would love to buy something newer, but Ford doesn't offer A anything I can afford, I am not going to spend 30grand to buya truck that is going to spend just as much time in the mud then it will on teh road. I am not talking about mud bogging or anything, more of i go to a lot of farms and such whose roads are dirt the bronco beasts them, these new SUV's though I would be affraid of scratching.

I aggree with you the bronco is a beast, but it is an outdated design and that is why you where able to save those people and why i love it. Good job, and keep the bronco truckin .