Best Of The Best For 30 Years

From the early 80's til about 9-11 I owned about 10 of these old girls. I romped 'em, stomped 'em, lifted 'em, half-cabbed 'em, motored 'em, soft door & topped 'em, to college & always made it to work in 1 of these sisters. (my '68 even pulled my dad's tractor-trailer up & out of the snow-took years to get his jaw off of the ground)they've pulled big 'ole chevies backwards on blacktop & dirt. I can't remember 1 of them stranding me anywhere (unless I got her hung up & was by myself). They were light & always left small if any footprint (especially w/big, wide tires). The older Bronc's were very good on gas ('til '74 ya know) & virtually leaked no fluids (rock solid). My last 1 was a '71 from Wyoming (all steel) 5" lift, 35" mud-rovers, power-steering, 4.11's & of course a half-cab. I got behind on child support & let it go on e-bay (still brings a tear to my eyes-hope she is well).
Well, if you have 1 you know, if you don't - I am truly sorry!!!!!!!!
I forgot to mention that I even took my road-test in my grandfather's BRONCO when I was 16 (way before my first one)
Happy Trails my friends