Almost Stranded

Almost Stranded

Dear Ford,

My first car was a 1953 ford police car. It was fast at that time. I drove it across the United States three times. I remember my Dad having a Model T and riding threw the snow with him.
Last year (2009) we purchased a Ford Edge SEL with everything. We love it and the ride is outstanding.

On July 10 I had a stroke and was in the hospital ICU. My wife went home to pick up some things. On the way back to the hospital a ALARM sounded. She said it scared her. She looked and it said she had low air pressure in tire. She continued driving and hoping she could make it back to the hospital, some 50 miles. She made it to the hospital and she walked around but did not see a tire low. With me in ICU and a stroke I could no do anything. The next day she went out to check and see if a tire was low. She found that the left rear tire was about half flat.

I talked to the dealer where we purchased the Edge and he gave me a 800 phone number to call. I called the Ford road service 800 number and explained to them my situation. They needed some information which I was able to give them. They said it would be 35 minutes before they could be there to put the spare on. It was 30 minutes when they arrived to put the spare tire on. I was able to get someone from Ford Road Service to help us during our time of need.

We have owned several Fords including Broncos, Explorers, and now a smart Edge SEL.
Thanks Ford for your help and we are thankful for a smart car our Edge SEL, and most of all for it letting my wife know about the low tire air pressure.

The Sweet’s Walhalla, SC

Gary and Edna Sweet
1807 Hastehill Dr.
Walhalla, SC 29691
(864) 638-6315