A New Lease On Life

My family has been Bronco owners all my life. Being in the Navy I was 26 before I was able to get one of my own. a 1987 Fullsize that was on it's last legs. Eventually it died on me on the road and was towed and auctioned off. I missed that truck dearly even though it was beat up itr never left me stranded until she finally had enough. I got out of the Navy on disability and started looking for another one. A few weeks later I found an 89 Bronco for 1200 bucks sitting rusting in someones back yard not running. I went and looked at the truck and it was in great shape just needed to figure out why it wouldn't stay running. The guy had basically thrown his hands up and left it in his yard. I gave the man his money and brought it home and after some tinkering the local garage said it needed a new computer. I had the PCM replaced and it drove like a champ. Now here it is 2011 and my 1989 is still going strong. I have added a few things (6 inch lift and 35 inch mud terrain tires and this is by far the prettiest truck on the block! Thank you Ford for making such a solid SUV that has such a rich heritage!
Brody Ware 01/20/2012
nice i got a 88 with a 6.9 turbo diesel it has a ATS package on it got 33's no lift :( but its a fun lil truck i love it
just gotta love those Broncs! mine's a '74, yours looks sweeter!