500,000 Miles And Counting

My father bought our Bronco when I was only one year old. We went everywhere in the Bronco for all our family trips. We went from our home in St. Louis, Missouri on numerous trips to Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Washington D.C. and Northern Illinois. By the time I purchased the Bronco from my parents in 2001 it had over 500,000 miles on it. In late 2007, I sent the Bronco in to the shop to get a new paint job. The body shop caught on fire from an errant welding spark and caused a lot of damage to the Bronco. I'm currently in the process of fixing everything that was damaged in the fire. I guess it just goes to show that nothing can stop the Bronco.
Richard T 08/31/2012
Nice truck.

The 80 - 86 Model Full Size Broncos are the BEST. I have an 86 w/ 5.0 AOD, 8.8 rear w/ trac lok, 3 in body lift with 35x12.5x15 Dunlop Mud Rovers. I recall the first day I seen the truck in the ad on craigs list. I said holy .... Away we went. In person in was even more beatiful. Bought and will NEVER SELL IT. Hands down the best truck even made next to the 70's F350 Crew cab. My truck is a daily driver, weekend warrior, toy haller, camper, fisher, grocery getter, kids hauler, mud slinger, rock crawler etc. It goes everywhere and never complains. Gets us home everytime. Comon ford release a new Bronco and own the market again :)
rogers 04/26/2010
...and look how hard it was to catch him
Jonathan 04/14/2010
This aritcal brings an excellent question, will Ford ever consider bringing back the Bronco? I'm sure plenty of people will line up to buy one; especially if based on the F-150 Raptor varient. Cost would be an issue I suppose....
John 04/08/2010
I had a 1994 Thunderbird, traded it in in a 1996 Bronco XLT, only after the deal did I connect OJ with "my" Bronco. It was white with gray interior. The only problem I had with that truck was the Automatic Hubs didn't match the pulling strength of Azelia bushes. After changing to manual hubs, it was one of the most reliable trucks I've owned. I must say though, I've only driven Fords since 1973, so I may not be an "expert" on the competetion, but when I'm satisfied, why change? Now, if Ford could only improve fuel mileage in the Ranger 4X4..... At least to match the F 150
Benjamin Tyler Burkhardt 04/02/2010
O.J. Simpson had a Bronco...
pat 03/26/2010
broncos rule! had a 1984 with a 351 4 barrel and a C6 behind it. one hell of a truck. only built by the best auto company on the planet.